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Epoxy glue 5 minute
Epoxy adhesive
Epoxy Glue C-POXY 5
small fast working epoxy glue
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two part epoxy adhesive
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    Epoxy Glue C-POXY 5


      Understanding Epoxy Glue C-POXY 5

        Epoxy Glue C-POXY 5 is a high-performance adhesive that consists of two components: resin and hardener.

        C-poxy 5 has resin and hardener high-performance adhesive that consists of two components.

        Resin and hardener high-performance C-poxy 5.

        On a wide range of materials.

        • Versatile fast-setting epoxy adhesive.
        • Bonds metal, ceramics, stone, glass, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and many plastics
        • Used in modeling, wood working, toy repairs, car part repairs, household repairs, and jewelry applications.
        • Includes two parts - resin and hardener
        • 5-minute fast setting epoxy adhesive that is water and impact resistant
        • Excellent for bonding metalceramicsstoneglassconcretewoodfiberglass, and plastics such as polyesterABS, and rigid PVC
        • Commonly used in crystal and glass repair, antiques repair, furniture and stone repair, jewelry and pen manufacturing, wood working, arrow tip bonding, bronze and brass repair, countertop repair, and more
        • Contains 2 parts - resin and hardener

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