About CEC Corp

CEC Corp is a Canadian company manufacturing and supplying, locally and worldwide, high-quality adhesives and coatings. Our R&D team is constantly involved in developing high-quality products that are in compliance with Safety and Environment Regulations and tested in our Quality Control Laboratory.

We combine the flexibility and responsiveness of a small business with the quality, consistency, and technical expertise of a large corporation. Our promise to you is that we will be just as committed to the quality and value of your manufacturing as you are. CEC Corp aims to pursue a growth strategy to achieve manufacturing excellence to ensure our customer's satisfaction.


CEC Corp production chain vertical integration allows us to customize products according to customers’ needs, providing effective and efficient solutions. Industrial adhesives have many applications. Within each technology section, there are various products to suit individual application requirements.

This is reflected in our product range of adhesives, which offers the perfect solution for every bonding application. Without our team of world-class experts, we would be unable to customize and recommend suitable adhesive solutions to such a wide variety of different partners. CEC Corp highly responsive technical professionals will assist you in making the appropriate adhesive decision by taking into consideration every requirement of your application.


Very tough, scratch resistant, slightly amber bond, and it fills gaps pretty well. (C-TOUGH)
Ordered this product in along with the other tough instant glues that this company produces and I must say the quality was absolutely tremendous. (Instant Glue Wood)
I purchased it to be used in our workshop and our employee fell in love with it. It's fast and strong and so far has worked on all surfaces we tried. (C-POXY 5)
Used mainly for model building. Would purchase again. (C-POXY 5)
I am a user of many of the top brands of 5min epoxy and this stacks up very well. The price makes it very attractive for first time buyers and people using other brands should give it a try. (C-POXY 5)

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3110-580 Seaborne Ave,

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Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm