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    Fumed Silica - C-Thix


      Fumed Silica | CECCORP is a highly versatile and widely used additive that offers unique properties and benefits across various industries.

      We will explore the world of fumed silica, understanding its composition, properties, applications, and the advantages it provides.

      Whether you are an industry professional or simply curious about this remarkable substance,

      read on to discover the potential of fumed silica.

      • An extremely effective additive in Thixotropy and thickening for many complex polar resins 
      • Works with resins such as ones based on Polyurethane, vinylester, and epoxy
      • Increases efficiency of water resistance for moisture sensitive formulation
      • Improves anti-sagging in epoxy adhesives and coatings
      • Improves anti-setting behaviour of pigments
      • Effective for achieving high tribo-charge due to its high hydrophobicity

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