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Epoxy Coating C-COAT | CECCORP
Epoxy Coating C-COAT | CECCORP
Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Coating C-COAT
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Epoxy Coating C-COAT


Understanding Epoxy Coating C-COAT | CECCORP

Epoxy Coating C-COAT | CECCORP epoxy-based coating designed to provide durable protection and aesthetic enhancement for various surfaces.

It consists of a two-component system that combines epoxy resin and a hardener, resulting in a strong and resilient coating.

  • High quality coating solution that provides clear-diamond quality coating for multiple applications and surfaces
  • A two-part low viscosity, clear epoxy system that creates high-gloss decorative coating for horizontal surfaces
  • Prevents surfaces from marring, denting, and minor scratches and cures to a glass-like tough finish
  • Commonly used in woodworking as a wood sealer, bar and table tops, plaques, photographs, clocks. Used for other surfaces such as metal, glass, stone, and fiberglass
  • Water resistant, blush free, pourable, self-leveling, non-yellowing, UV resistant, and heat and alcohol resistant