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toughest epoxy adhesive glue
Epoxy Glue C-Tough | CECCORP
Best epoxy glue in Canada
Epoxy Glue C-Tough | CECCORP
2 part epoxy adhesive Canada
water and impact resistant epoxy glue
Epoxy Glue C-Tough | CECCORP
Epoxy Glue C-Tough | CECCORP
excellent epoxy glue tough
highly rated epoxy adhesive
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    Epoxy Glue C-Tough


      Understanding Epoxy Glue C-Tough | CECCORP

      Epoxy Glue C-Tough | CECCORP is a high-performance adhesive that combines the strength of epoxy resin and the toughness of rubberized components.

      This unique formulation results in a glue that offers exceptional bonding power and impact resistance, making it suitable for demanding applications.

      • High performance, exteremly tough, epoxy adhesive 
      • Provides superb adhesion for metal, glass, fiberglass, wood, stones, ceramics, and most plastics
      • Impact and shock resistant, allows for a long working time and fully cures in 24 hours
      • Highly recommended for use in fiberglass patching, golf re-shafting, sword and knife handle assembly
      • And repair, furniture and canoe repair, structural bonding on aluminum parts, composite bonding.
      • Automotive industry, gun stock assembly, RC repair, ski and snowboard repair, RV repair, granite repair, and more
      • Contains 2 parts - resin and hardener

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