Cyanoacrylate Glue Platinum Thick (Odorless)


C-Bond Platinum Thick is an odor free, low white mist instant adhesive. Can be attached to many materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, and can beautify the appearance of the next part.

Technical Data Sheet  |  Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 

COMMON APPLICATIONS – C-Bond Platinum Thick is recommended for Bonding Foam, Metal, Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Ceramic, and Most Rigid Materials. High Viscosity allows it to fill large gaps. C-BOND Platinum Thick fills voids and large gaps of up to 0.02”. It's perfect for stabilizing cracks. It is great for bonding and dries glossy.

COMMON USES  Foam Bonding, Household Repairs, Making Toys, Crafts, Taxidermy, Stone Inlays, Treating Cracked Stones, Pen Turning, Gluing Pen Tubes, Pen Blanks, Wood Turning, Musical Instrument Repair, Hobby Glue, High Gloss Finishing, Guitar Repair, Assembly, Inlays on the Headstock, Body, and Fretboard, Marble, Granite, Quartz Repair, Model Airplanes, Screen Printing, Archery Fletching, Coral Fragging, Articulatory, Trim Carpentry, Picture Framing, Custom Jewelry, Laminate, Veneer, and more.

PRODUCT FEATURES  – No Odor, Non-Whitening, Non-Irritant, Durable, Blemish Resistant, has a Consistent Thickness, Cures Quickly, is Water and Impact Resistant. It comes with an anti-clog cap.

IMPORTANT CHARACTERISTICS OF INSTANT GLUE  – Fast curing, applied as liquids, cured by a chemical reaction, activated by alkaline materials, and form hard polymer materials after curing.