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Close-up of hemp-wrapped knife handle

How to use Epoxy to Wrap Knife Handle with Hemp Cord

Knife-making is one of many applications for our C-Tough epoxy adhesive. Cadsandblades recently used our C-Tough epoxy adhesive to finish off a knife handle with a hemp cord wrap. The results were great!

Here are his instructions on how he did it:

  1. Start with mixing C-Tough in a shallow dish, then soak the hemp cord in the epoxy for a few minutes.
  2. Clamp or secure your blade. Take your epoxy soaked cord and begin slowly wrapping your handle.
  3. Remove any excess epoxy from the cord as you wrap the handle to achieve a clean finish.
  4. Once the wrap is complete, tuck and conceal the end of the cord underneath the last wraps of cord around the handle.
  5. Leave to cure as per C-Tough instructions.

C-Tough is an extremely tough, high performance epoxy adhesive with superb adhesion to various substrates such as metals, glass, fiberglass, masonry, wood, stone, ceramic and most plastics. Find more information about our product here.