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Choosing the Right Viscosity for Instant Glue

Choosing the Right Viscosity for Instant Glue

When it comes to instant glue, also known as super glue, choosing the right viscosity (thickness) is important for achieving...
CEC Corp is participating in BUILDEX Vancouver

CEC Corp is participating in BUILDEX Vancouver

We're very excited to announce that we will take part in BUILDEX Vancouver on Feb 15 and 16, 2023! This...
Introducing New C-Bond Viscosity

Introducing New C-Bond Viscosity

New addition to our general-purpose CA glue lineup: C-Bond Medium! This medium viscosity cyanoacrylate glue can be used to bond...
New Epoxy Casting Resin Kit

New Epoxy Casting Resin Kit

Introducing our new two-part epoxy casting system, C-CAST! With a non-yellowing and bubble-free formula, C-Cast is designed to offer unrivalled...
Ambassador Profile | Nick Tobin, Bladesmith

Ambassador Profile | Nick Tobin, Bladesmith

Our good friend Nick Tobin recently hung up his CECCORP banner. Nick is a self taught blade smith who creates...
Small bottle of CA Glue beside small spray bottle of C-Set Accelerator

CA Glue with no Accelerator VS with Accelerator

CA glue accelerators, or glue activators, are often paired with higher viscosity glues because thicker glues take longer to dry....
New 15-Minute Epoxy Adhesive

New 15-Minute Epoxy Adhesive

Introducing C-Poxy 15, a new addition to our epoxy line-up! This 15-minute, unfilled, general purpose epoxy adhesive has a gel...
C-Set Accelerator now as a Mist Spray

C-Set Accelerator now as a Mist Spray

Our C-Set Accelerator is now available as a Mist Spray. This version of our product is refillable with more size...
New Year, New Products - Introducing Hot Melt Adhesives & New C-Coat Sizes

New Year, New Products - Introducing Hot Melt Adhesives & New C-Coat Sizes

Happy New Year! As 2021 came to a close, we introduced a new line of products: C-Melt, our hot melt...
Close-up of hemp-wrapped knife handle

How to use Epoxy to Wrap Knife Handle with Hemp Cord

Knife-making is one of many applications for our C-Tough epoxy adhesive. Cadsandblades recently used our C-Tough epoxy adhesive to finish off a knife handle with a hemp cord wrap. The results were great! Here are his instructions on how he did it.
Thank you to our supporters!

Thank you to our supporters!

A big thanks to all our amazing supporters! With the help of your guys incredible support we were able to...

New Products Now Available!

Meet the newest additions C-Set and C-Coat! C-Set is a super glue accelerator which works great with our C-Bond Thick....

Próximamente: C-COAT

Nos complace anunciar el primer recubrimiento epóxico de CEC Corp (uso general / decoupage). Este producto llegará al mercado a...
Wood and Wood Black Cyanoacrylate at work

CEC Corp Madera y Madera Cianoacrilato Negro en el trabajo.

En este video @amirs_workshop muestra 2 de nuestros pegamentos de cianoacrilato. Hacen bien el trabajo. Su navegador no es compatible...
A knife maker tests our C-TOUGH

Un fabricante de cuchillos prueba nuestro C-TOUGH

Uno de nuestros clientes fabricantes de cuchillos probó C-TOUGH y tuvo la amabilidad de grabar un video de la prueba...
Cyanoacrylate Wood Black in Woodworking

Madera de cianoacrilato negra en carpintería

Uno de nuestros clientes leales probó nuestra madera CA negra en su proyecto de carpintería. Estaba feliz con el resultado....

CEC Corp patrocina el equipo de coches solares Midnight Sun de la Universidad de Waterloo

Nos complace anunciar que CEC Corp está proporcionando adhesivos para el equipo de autos solares Sun de medianoche de la...

Próximamente: nuestro nuevo acelerador CA C-SET

Nos complace anunciar que nuestro acelerador de CA se lanzará el año nuevo. Los aceleradores ayudan a reducir el tiempo...

Próximamente: C-BOND

    Estamos orgullosos de anunciar C-Bond, una nueva línea de productos. C-BOND es un fuerte pegamento de cianoacrilato de...
C-POXY 5 and modelling

C-POXY 5 y modelado

Nuestro cliente utilizó C-POXY 5 para un proyecto de modelado. Funcionó muy bien.