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    Cyanoacrylate Accelerator Mist Spray Refill


      Understanding Cyanoacrylate Accelerator Mist Spray Refill

      Most importantly a specialized product designed specifically to replenish the contents of a mist spray bottle. When the mist spray bottle is empty, using the refill allows for convenient and cost-effective replenishment.

      Important to note that the refill bottle for S-Set mist spray does not come with a pump spray.

      Accelerator, also known as activator and is used to speed up the drying time of cyanoacrylate glues most importantly.

      Commonly used in combination with high viscosity (thick) instant glues Above all.

      Mist spray refill is particularly useful for bonding uneven surfaces, challenging materials, or in cold and dry environments. 

      The benefits of using the Mist Spray Refill Bottle for S-Set mist spray:

      1. Continuous supply: By using the refill, you ensure a constant availability of accelerator mist spray.

      2. Allowing for uninterrupted usage in various applications.

      3. Versatility: The spray refills are compatible with different mist spray bottle models, providing flexibility in choosing the appropriate refill for your specific needs.

      4. Reduced waste: Refilling the mist spray bottle helps to reduce the plastic waste generated by disposing of empty bottles, contributing to a more sustainable approach.

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