River Table Epoxy C-CAST


C-Cast is a transparent, two-part epoxy casting system designed to create clear, tough, non-yellowing and bubble-free results. This casting resin is designed specifically for medium- to large-sized casting—up to 3 inches per pour for wooden substrates and up to 3.5 inches for other materials such as silicon or plastic molds.

Highly polishable when cured, C-Cast is developed to offer unrivaled clarity with its UV resistant and self-degassing properties.

This two-part epoxy casting kit has a 2:1 mixing ratio and includes: Part A Resin and Part B Hardener.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Part A Resin | Part B Hardener

Size: 5.68 L (1.5 Gal) kit

About C-CAST

    • Create long-lasting, crystal-clear results with C-CAST’s self-degassing and UV resistant formula.
    • Do more with your casting project with deep pours of up to 3 inches thick for wooden molds and up to 3.5 inches for silicon or plastic molds.
    • Craft quality products with C-CAST’s minimal shrinkage and thorough wetting power to fill cracks and voids.

    Common Applications:

    • River Tables
    • Resin Crafts