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River Table Epoxy C-CAST

    River Table Epoxy C-CAST


      Understanding River Table Epoxy C-CAST

      River Table Epoxy C-CAST is a specialized epoxy resin designed specifically for creating river tables. It is a high-performance epoxy that offers excellent clarity, self-leveling properties, and exceptional adhesion to various materials, allowing artisans to craft stunning river table designs with ease.

      • A transparent, two-part epoxy casting system that creates clear, tough, non-yellowing, and bubble free results
      • Designed specifically for medium to large size casting
      • Up to 3 inches per pour for wood and 3.5 inches for materials such as silicon or plastic molds
      • Highly polishable when cured, amazing clarity, UV resistant, and self de-gassing
      • Two-part epoxy casting with a 2:1 mixing ratio
      • Minimal shrinkage and thorough wetting power to fill cracks and voids
      • Commonly used for river tables and resin crafts

      River tables have gained immense popularity in the world of furniture design, adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any space. To create these captivating tables, a reliable and high-quality epoxy is crucial.

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