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Industrial Products and Services from CECCORP

At CECCORP, a proudly Canadian company, we specialize in advanced adhesives, sealants, and coatings, providing tailored solutions across a diverse range of industries. Our expertise in chemical engineering and material science enables us to meet critical specifications for aerospace, maintenance, filtration, shipbuilding, automotive, and dental applications.

Custom-Made Products and Services

  • Nexus Company: As a technical consulting and sister company to CECCORP, Nexus Company oversees all tailored solutions and reverse engineering efforts. They excel in creating products that meet unique specifications or replicate existing products with enhanced performance.
  • Technical Consulting and Production: From initial consulting to final production, our approach ensures each project aligns with your operational needs, handled by Nexus Company and then manufactured at CECCORP to high-quality standards.

Why Choose CECCORP?

  • Expertise and Flexibility: With over thirty years of technical experience, we combine deep industry knowledge with a flexible approach to meet diverse application needs.
  • Standards Compliance: We adhere to stringent industry standards, committed to quality and continuous improvement in line with ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Sustainable and Safe Solutions: We focus on sustainability and safety, minimizing environmental impact while ensuring product effectiveness.

Industries and Applications

  • Aerospace: Epoxies and sealants from fuselage sealing to windshield installations.
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO): Solutions for equipment repair and maintenance, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Oil & Petrochemical Filters: Adhesives for assembling filters critical in maintaining process quality and efficiency.
  • Shipbuilding: Durable products that withstand harsh marine environments, enhancing vessel performance.
  • Automotive: Custom adhesives tailored for automotive manufacturing, ranging from electronic assemblies to multi-material chassis bonding.
  • Construction: Epoxies for flooring and stone bonding, providing durability and aesthetic appeal in construction projects.
  • Dental Technology: Adhesives ensuring the reliability and longevity of dental articulators.

Types of Products We Offer

  • Epoxies: Both one-component and two-component systems for high strength and durability.
  • Conductive Adhesives: For reliable electrical connections in various applications.
  • Structural Hybrid Acrylics and Methacrylic Adhesives: Robust bonding solutions for diverse substrates.
  • Anaerobic Adhesives: Ideal for thread locking, retaining, gasketing, and pipe sealing.
  • UV-Cured Adhesives and Sealants: Quick-curing options for rapid assembly processes.
  • Sealants: Based on Polysulfide, Polyurethane, Silicone, Modified Silicone (MS), or STPs, these sealants offer excellent environmental and chemical resistance, suitable for demanding applications across different industries.


Get Started with Your Custom Solution

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