Hot Melt Glue C 53 LO

Hot melt adhesive, with synthetic resin base, used in counter bonding (bond one substrate to another) textiles, NW and PU foams. Also used for bonding decorative paper or Wood sheet on MDF (Profile Wrapping).

See Technical Data Sheet below, or view the PDF here.

Viscosity at 160°C (Brookfield, Thermosel System) (MC07/ASTM D.3236) 5500 ± 1100 mPa.s
Softening Point (R&B) (MC08/ASTM E.28) 90 ± 5 °C
Colour Yellow
Density (MC206)

Approx. 1.00

Open time (MC 129 at 160°C) Typical value 10 – 13 s
Setting time (MC 129 at 160°C) Typical value 6 s
Heat resistance SAFT (MC218 1kgf/25mm) Typical value 60 °C

It allows excellent bonding at subzero temperatures

Good thermal stability

All components comply with paragraph 21CFR175.105 of FDA Legislation

For use in nozzle, roller or other applicator system
Recommended working temperature 160 – 180 °C

Temperatures above 190 °C should be avoided

During extended machine stops it is recommended to switch off the heating


While hot by scrapping with a spatula and remove any rests with Hot-Melt Cleaners CC20

Clean hot melt melting tanks with Hot-Melt Cleaners CC08

STORAGE Cool and dry; Storage life: at least 2 years according to our experience