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C-Set Accelerator now as a Mist Spray

C-Set Accelerator now as a Mist Spray

Our C-Set Accelerator is now available as a Mist Spray. This version of our product is refillable with more size availability.

The new CA glue accelerator mist spray comes in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz bottles with a pump spray. Just spray the accelerator on to one part of your project, wait a few seconds, apply glue to the other part, and fix the two parts together.

A 16 oz refill bottle with a nozzle is available for the C-Set Accelerator Mist Spray as well!

Speed up your project's drying time!

C-Set Accelerator is a super glue accelerator, also known as a glue activator. Compatible with all cyanoacrylate glues, it can be used before or after glue application. CA glue accelerators are often paired with higher viscosity glues because thicker glues take longer to dry. C-Set Accelerator works best with our C-Bond Thick CA glue.

C-Set Accelerator Aerosol and Mist Spray

Both C-Set Accelerator Aerosol and C-Set Accelerator Mist Spray are available—see which fits your project best. Check out our collection of CA glues and CA glue accelerators.

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