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New Epoxy Casting Resin Kit

New Epoxy Casting Resin Kit

Introducing our new two-part epoxy casting system, C-CAST!

With a non-yellowing and bubble-free formula, C-Cast is designed to offer unrivalled clarity and UV resistance.

C-Cast allows for casting layers of up to 3 inches for wooden substrates and up to 3.5 inches for other materials such as silicon or plastic molds, so you can have deeper pours.

This epoxy casting system is also formulated with minimal shrinkage and thorough wetting power for maximum coverage and to fill cracks and voids.

Our new C-Cast has a 2:1 mixing ratio and is available in 1.5 Gallon kits: 1 Gal Resin and 0.5 Gal Hardener.

C-Cast is a casting system, not a coating system. For epoxy coating, check out our C-Coat, which is now available in 4 sizes.

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