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New 15-Minute Epoxy Adhesive

New 15-Minute Epoxy Adhesive

Introducing C-Poxy 15, a new addition to our epoxy line-up!

This 15-minute, unfilled, general purpose epoxy adhesive has a gel time of 14—16 minutes. Strong and water resistant, C-Poxy 15 can bond most materials including wood, metal, glass, ceramics, stone, fiberglass, many plastics and more.

Our new C-Poxy 15 is currently available in 8.5 Fl Oz kits.

C-Poxy 15 joins our collection of epoxy adhesives: C-Poxy 5, a 5-minute epoxy adhesive; C-Poxy 30, a 30-minute epoxy adhesive); and C-Tough an extremely tough, high performance epoxy adhesive). Check out our complete line-up of epoxy products.



C-Poxy 5 available in 2 Gallon kit

Our 5-minute epoxy adhesive, C-Poxy 5, is also available in 2 Gallon kits (1 Gal Resin & 1 Gal Hardener).



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