New Year, New Products - Introducing Hot Melt Adhesives & New C-Coat Sizes

Happy New Year!

As 2021 came to a close, we introduced a new line of products: C-Melt, our hot melt adhesives. Our seven C-Melt products are currently available for ordering via email only. View the full collection here.

Bigger sizes for bigger projects!

We also have new sizes for our epoxy coating, C-Coat. Our 2-part epoxy coating is now available in 1 Gallon kits (0.5 Gal Resin & 0.5 Gal Hardener) and 2 Gallon kits (1 Gal Resin & 1 Gal Hardener).

C-Coat is also available in 8.5 Oz and 16 Oz Kits. See all available sizes for C-Coat here.

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