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Introducing New C-Bond Viscosity

Introducing New C-Bond Viscosity

New addition to our general-purpose CA glue lineup: C-Bond Medium!

This medium viscosity cyanoacrylate glue can be used to bond wood, metal, plastic, rubber and more. C-Bond Medium has a viscosity level of 250350 cps—thicker than C-Bond Thin which is 3050 cps, and thinner than C-Bond Thick which is 12001400 cps.

Centipoise, or cps, is a unit of measure of viscosity/thickness. For reference, the viscosity of water is 1 cps. This means our C-Bond Extra Thin, with a viscosity of 1-3 cps, has almost the same consistency of water.

Along with the rest of the C-Bond lineup, C-Bond Medium is currently available in four sizes: 30 g, 60 g, 120 g and 1 kg.

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